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Polyvagal-informed Therapy

What is Polyvagal Theory?

Polyvagal theory (PVT) is the language of the Autonomic Nervous System. It essentially gives us the words and tools to bring something that is normally unconscious into our conscious awareness and gives us the opportunity to influence and actively operate our own nervous systems.


PVT was developed in the early 90s by a neuroscientist, Dr. Stephen Porges. It expands on the original Arousal theory that says we have a 2-part nervous system: fight/flight and rest/digest (remember that from 5th grade?). The theory adds a third part to the nervous system, that regulates our social and emotional connection and shapes our experiences of safety. 

Lucky for most of us non-neuroscientists, Deb Dana is a therapist who took Dr. Porges' super scientific theory and created an approach to therapy that is intuitive and relatively simple to understand.

With Deb's model, we can take the research, apply it to ourselves, learn about our unique nervous systems and ultimately find ways to change our systems and therefore change our lives.

Using Polyvagal Theory in therapy - Befriending your nervous system

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Together we will map out the 3 states of your nervous system, using the Autonomic Ladder.


We'll begin to understand your unique strategies for finding safety and perhaps what might be getting in the way of finding or maintaining connection.

You will learn specific tools for regulating the nervous system when triggered into fight/flight or shutdown.

Befriending your nervous system gives you the ability to change your state, which will ultimately change your story. ​

If you have a nervous system, Polyvagal-informed therapy can help! Reach out today to learn more.

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